Where can I use the glass?

The glass, either clear, painted, printed or patterned, can have many applications around the house, office, workplace etc.

You can use the glass as: kitchen splashback, bathroom splashback, table tops, balustrades, wall pictures and many more. Just check our Full Product Range for more details and applications.

Can Glass Splashbacks go behind a hob?

Yes. All of our Glass Splashbacks are made from toughened glass, therefore the glass is up to 6 times strong than standard glass, and resistant up to 400’C to comply with the standards (BS EN 12150). Our glass splashbacks are specifically manufactured to be used behind kitchen hobs, including gas hobs.

Can I fit the glass myself?

We can give 2 options to our customers: either the glass to be supplied only or supplied and installed by our experiences Technicians.  Fitting a small glass panel is relatively easy and can be done by yourself with the fitting adhesive provided by Prestiglass. For more complex glass panels and areas we would recommend that you add Prestiglass service for measure-up and installation.

What happens if I need a cut out or a notch?

Every kitchen is unique. We recognize this and offer the option for cut outs or notches to give you the best fit splashback possible. Primarily cut outs are required for plugs and electrical sockets. Prior to toughening our glass, and after receiving your measurements, we use a water jet CNC machine for cut-outs and special shape cuts.

How long does it take to receive my order?

It really depends on the product itself.  Mirrors, lacobels and non-toughened glass can be cut and polished within 1 day.

Multiple panels which require the toughening process, cut-outs and painting/printing may take between 2-6 weeks to be fully processed and delivered.

What is the standard thickness of the glass?

We can use any glass thickness 4mm-19mm, or laminate more panels together for special order like glass floor (3x12mm glass). The standard used for splashbacks is 6mm toughened glass.  Mirrors can be supplied in a thickness of 4 or 6mm.

Do the glass panels come with a guarantee?

Yes. The manufacturer provides a 10 year guarantee against colour or print delamination (peeling). All glass panels are also toughened therefore heat and beat resistant.

Is there any limitation on colours or designs?

The selection is really unlimited. Our exclusive gallery can be found at: https://prestiglass.ie/splashbacks/gallery/#albums_container

But there are also stock websites with over 500mln graphics and designs, where we purchase and download high resolution pictures for our customers.

We can also use any high resolution picture/design provided by the customer.

There are also thousands colours to choose from, including: RAL, KEMICHAL or NCS.

How much it costs?

Every project is priced individually due to many factors which have influence on the price like: the total glass area, a number of cut-outs, type and thickness of the glass or the design/colour choice.