A white, boring, not always aesthetically pleasing radiator is a nuisance for many enthusiasts of effective solutions. Usually we try to make everything unnecessary disappear from sight. Many consider the radiator to be one of such elements. Its appearance, however, can be easily changed with Radiator Glass Covers.

A great advantage of the covers is the richness of their colours. This allows you to optimally adjust the colour to your personal preferences or your own vision of the space. The range of colours include neutral tones such as white, grey and black, subtle pastels, energizing reds, greens and oranges, as well as elegant variants – silver, pearl or metallic.

Any graphics/design/image can also be printed directly onto the glass, to ideally suit your room and interior. For example, in the case of a children’s room, a cheerful or anime decor will be perfect, while a fashionable brick motif will work well in a living room. The bathroom can be embellished with a glass panel with drops/water pattern, and the radiator in the bedroom can be decorated with your own memories photographs.

The cover in this form perfectly conducts heat, without decreasing the thermal comfort of the household members. Additional distances do not restrict freedom of air circulation.

The assembly of the panel is also easy. It is made with the use of universal stainless steel handles, resistant to high temperatures. A smooth surface, will undoubtedly introduce a new quality to the interior.