Glass balustrades are not only safe and functional, but above all, a visually attractive addition that will provide you with the comfort of using the stairs in your home and protection on the balcony or terrace.  There are many options including frameless balustrades, crystal view, or balustrades with posts.

Glass used in your balustrade must be safe and fully durable; therefore it must be a material that is impact-resistant and, in the event of damage, breakable into small, non-sharp fragments. These criteria are met by toughened glass and laminated glass. Tempered glass (ESG) has a much greater mechanical resistance than ordinary glass, and laminated glass (VSG) used for the production of glass balustrades is nothing more than glass panels laminated together with foil.

For those who appreciate modern design and unconventional solutions, we propose designs with the use of decorative elements. The glass balustrade does not have to be clear, as we can digitally print any design or picture on the glass (either full print or transparent print), as well as it can be painted with any colour.