Do you dream of a floor that will combine style and design with safety and durability? Glass floors give such a stunning effect.

Glass floor panels are extremely durable because they are made of laminated & tempered glass. This type of glass consists of two or more panels (usually three-layer glass) joined with PVB resin
or a special foil.

Standard glass floors are between 24-46 mm, although of course other thicknesses are also possible – it all depends on the calculations of the engineer, who is responsible for the appropriate selection of the dimensions and/or glass thickness.

It is also worth considering covering the glass floor with an anti-slip layer – it all depends on where the floor will be located and how often and by whom it will be used.

Aesthetics is certainly one of the greatest advantages of a glass floor – its form can be adapted to practically any interior. Either clear, coloured, mat, etched or sanded floor, all of this can be achieved through the use of glass.

When laminating glass, it is also possible to print any design, graphic or photograph between layers, which allows you to get really amazing effects, such as the effect of walking on a meadow, a carpet of flowers or beautiful watery theme for bathrooms.
The selection is unlimited…