Glass is not only stylish, universal, and elegant, but also extremely functional. It is therefore not surprising that this material
is increasingly being used in construction and interior design.

Tables are an extremely effective glass element in interior furnishings. The gloss and perfectly smooth surface of the glass table tops delight with elegance and give the interior a stylish character. Glass is used for dining and living room tables as well as benches, bars, office desks, coffee tables and TV tables. Furniture can be made of glass in whole or only partially. Table legs can be, for example, chrome-plated, satin or made of timber, lightweight board or solid wood. While chrome legs are usually offered in one silver colour, with wooden legs, you can have any legs colour and enrich the furniture with glass of your choice.

Glass tops can be either transparent or coloured, with many people opting for clear glass covers in the case of stone or old style oak tables.

Thanks to the possibility of printing on glass, we gain great opportunities and the possibility of fully customized product,
as any design or image can be used.