If you want to enjoy a new balcony or terrace regardless of the weather (and you know that the weather in Ireland is not perfect), even on those rainy days, we should make sure that nothing drops on our heads. This is where glass canopies come in handy.

We know them mainly from buildings that are public institutions or company headquarters, but the truth is that they will also work perfectly in a private house (above a terrace or door), or even in an apartment above a balcony. Most often, glass canopies are mounted using stainless steel tie rods attached directly to the building wall. This gives the impression of a light structure and looks very modern. Such a decorated house entrance will give the impression of being more elegant, dignified, and modern.

Glass canopies must be durable and aesthetic at the same time. Therefore, they are most often produced by laminating two glass panels with a PVB foil. As in the case of our other products, such as glass doors, glass floors, glass stairs and others, also, glass canopies can be both transparent and made of colored glass.  There is, of course, the option of printing any design or image on the glass, which gives you an unlimited number of ideas for your own glass canopy.