Wall Glass Pictures – smaller or covering the whole wall, are
an exclusive product that will become an elegant addition to
a modern space. Their minimalist design fits perfectly into the aesthetics of hallways, living rooms, bedrooms, lofts, and industrial interiors. These are decorations that harmonize beautifully with the raw colours and minimalist furniture shapes, as well as old style and modern interiors. Images and photos printed on glass, thanks to the high-quality raw material and
the use of modern printing or lamination technology, ensure aesthetics and elegance.  An option of glass tiles will change the interior even more, adding something totally new and rarely seen.

They are also safe to use, with the glass being toughened;
they can also be permanently glued directly to the wall with specialty glue.

You can install them in the room yourself, when you choose
the option of  economic hangers and safety back foams, which adds distance from the wall and allows you to easily hang the picture – it fits into any interior.

A well-chosen photo will add character to the space and complement it in terms of colour, helping to build the desired mood – energy, nostalgia, warmth, etc.  But plain colour glass panels will work great in large hallways, offices, or shopping centres.