Toughened Glass Countertops mean modernity and elegance
in the kitchen or bathroom.

The glass worktop looks best in a modern and minimalist kitchen, because the glass brightens and visually enlarges any room. Glass fits perfectly with wooden and steel elements, so glass worktops can also be found in industrial and rustic kitchens, but it can add its own unique taste to any interior.

The glass top can be made of plain colour, transparent, matt glass or glass with any graphic or design that will allow you to choose the option to suit your taste and the style of your home.

A glass kitchen worktop has many advantages. First of all, the counter made of tempered glass is very durable, not only to mechanical damage, but above all to high temperatures, and it can be installed near gas cookers or ovens. The glass surface does not absorb fats and liquids and does not absorb odours.  It is easy to clean; you can even do it with strong detergents. The great advantage of glass counter tops is that they can be cut into a variety of irregular shapes.