colourful kitchen glass splashback

KITCHEN SPLASHBACKS Glass kitchen splashbacks are an innovative alternative to standard tiles in your kitchen.  The glass fitted between the countertop and cabinets is elegant, easy to clean and maintain, and extremely durable, with every splashback manufactured to your exact size and specification. Printed or painted fully toughened glass panels can quickly add your own individual […]


KITCHEN & FURNITURE GLASS DOORS KITCHEN & FURNITURE GLASS DOORS​ When you buy kitchen furniture, you will find plenty of suggestions for different kitchens. Shops offer ready-made furniture that can entice you at a low price. However, in many cases, this furniture will not suit your kitchen. Glass furniture fronts have become fashionable recently. Glass kitchen […]


GLASS TABLES GLASS TABLES Glass is not only stylish, universal, and elegant, but also extremely functional. It is therefore not surprising that this material is increasingly being used in construction and interior design. Tables are an extremely effective glass element in interior furnishings. The gloss and perfectly smooth surface of the glass table tops delight […]


GLASS COUNTERTOPS GLASS COUNTERTOPS Toughened Glass Countertops mean modernity and elegance in the kitchen or bathroom. The glass worktop looks best in a modern and minimalist kitchen, because the glass brightens and visually enlarges any room. Glass fits perfectly with wooden and steel elements, so glass worktops can also be found in industrial and rustic […]


BATHROOM SPLASHBACKS BATHROOM SPLASHBACKS Bath / shower glass is a major improvement in bathrooms design, as they are easy to clean, hygienic and fully customisable, which allows the owner to bring own style to the bathroom.  Glass works in every style of bathroom, from traditional to futuristic, ornate to minimalist. Choosing glass panels to line […]


SHOWER SCREENS / WALK INS SHOWER SCREENS / WALK INS According to contemporary trends, the interior of the bathroom should be elegant and functional at the same time; therefore, in response to the growing requirements of customers, we offer a convenient solution for every bathroom: a glass shower screen/walk in glass. We make modern custom-sized […]


MIRRORS MIRRORS Mirrors will instantly make your room appear bigger, brighter and more glamorous, and will work with any style of interior. The reflective surface bounces light around the room, which is perfect for a small space, and space that doesn’t get much natural light. Whether you have a wall recess or shower niche, we […]


GLASS SHELVES GLASS SHELVES Glass shelves are the perfect solution for every house, office, or shop.  There is a large variety of application for glass shelves, to include: glass shelves for display cabinets, TV cabinets, fridges, bathrooms or shop counters.  These can also be easily fitted into wall recesses.  There are also many options for […]


GLASS PICTURES GLASS PICTURES Wall Glass Pictures – smaller or covering the whole wall, are an exclusive product that will become an elegant addition to a modern space. Their minimalist design fits perfectly into the aesthetics of hallways, living rooms, bedrooms, lofts, and industrial interiors. These are decorations that harmonize beautifully with the raw colours […]


WARDROBE SLIDING DOORS & SYSTEMS WARDROBE SLIDING DOORS & SYSTEMS Not long ago, the most popular wardrobes and doors were made of wood or furniture boards. Today, however, glass wardrobes are getting more and more popular. They are not entirely made of glass – the structure is still made of durable furniture board of an […]