Printed Glass Panels – not only kitchen and bathroom

Glass panels in our homes are most often fitted in bathrooms and kitchens as an excellent alternative to classic tiles. These are not the only places where they work. The purpose of this entry is to inspire you to other ideas with glass panels in the lead role.  Where would they be? We can Advise! ; )

Living room – Modern and Stylish

Glass panels look great in living rooms, which we have been convinced about many times thanks to our clients. You are really helpful! 🙂 Underlining the TV space, exposing the wine rack, magical reading corner at your chair – these are ideas in which our panels work great. What would be your idea for living room splashback ?

Fireplace that creates a special atmosphere

In our projects you will find glass panels used in the fireplace area, to highlight this unique place in every home. They can be used either around it on the wall and on the floor. Imitating bricks or stones is one of the most popular motifs, but definitely not the only one. No worries. Our glass panels are toughened, therefore resistant to high temperatures.

Magic bedroom – what to pick behind your bed ?

The bedroom is a unique and intimate place. It does not have to be boring… it should not be! Our clients love to have beautiful graphics over and around the bed. Couples often choose their photos from wedding and engagement sessions, singles love interesting quotes, amazing pictures (landscapes, animals) or subtle acts. There is really a lot to choose from 😉

Glass panels in your office

Do you have an office in your home? Or maybe you would like to decorate the rooms in which your workers work? Glass panels due to their strength and high quality graphics are great for this purpose. Motivational slogans, your company’s logo, team photos, NYC panorama – whatever motivates you to act and work, let it appear on the wall. You will be there often! 🙂

Children’s room – We say so

Children’s room is a place of unlimited fun for kids. We can make and use glass panels here as well.. Favourite hero, funny bears, interesting and colourful quotes, but also family photos or personal drawings of your kids – everything that is important, may be found here.

An idea for your advertisement

The UV printed glass panels are resistant to atmospheric factors (sun, heat, cold, wind, rain..), therefore they can be successfully used and fitted outside. You run a business at home, own a store, shop, or maybe you rent an office and want to advertise it to the world? We are at your disposal.  Do you have another idea for glass panels in your home or company? Write to us about it – we will gladly implement it! 😉

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