Printed Glass Panels – not only kitchen and bathroom

Printed Glass Panels – not only kitchen and bathroom Glass panels in our homes are most often fitted in bathrooms and kitchens as an excellent alternative to classic tiles. These are not the only places where they work. The purpose of this entry is to inspire you to other ideas with glass panels in the […]

What to choose? What to pick? Don’t you have an idea… ?

What to choose on the glass panel? We suggest the most popular solutions One of the greatest advantages of glass panels is certainly the high level of their aesthetics – properly arranged room with the panels change the place unrecognizable and really pleases the eye. The effect we get sometimes amazes even ourselves 😉 Our […]

Sample Splashback Graphics

Kitchen Splashback Graphics If you’re interested in Image Printed Graphics we have over 120 million different pictures to choose from. Our main unique gallery is available at: our dedicated Glass Splashbacks gallery Below you can also see a scan of our sample graphics that can be used for Printed Glass Splashbacks