Before and After – Check out some our realizations

As we have mentioned many times – glass panels can in an amazing way renew the whole interior, giving them a completely different, unique atmosphere. We have a few such beauties in our realization, whose final effect has exceeded the biggest expectations, delighting us and the customers. Are you curious? We invite you to see our realizations !

Goodbye Africa – Welcome Africa into your kitchen !

An unusual atmosphere in your four corners? Why not? Michael from Waterford wanted to introduce a bit of African climate into his kitchen. Elephants, savannah and hot African sun, highlighted with mounted lights, made the kitchen to gain a completely different character. Do you like travelling? Have you got your house decorated in oriental style? Do you want to bring some life into your kitchen? This is the inspiration for your splashback 😉


Minimalistic and Hot !

We’re in the kitchen again. Do you love white walls, modern interiors, but there’s clearly something missing in your kitchen ?  Add some details to it… Diana from Dublin added a bit of character to her kitchen with a tiny chilli pepper over the cooker, all on a plain, clean, white glass.. In your case it may be a cup of coffee (a treat for everyone #coffeelover) or anything else, which reflects your personality / culinary taste / all at once. Ready for this personal element of your interior? 🙂

Steam and Smoke effect in your kitchen? Of course – why not !

The smell, the sound of the kettle and the steam bursting over the pan – these are reliable symptoms that the meal is close! In this kitchen we used the effect of steam/smoke printed on the glass panels, showing how beautiful a subtle combination of white and black can be. Effect? This kitchen looks completely different! And we would like to have a breakfast in it 😉

Stone Effect? Not only wallpaper !

Wooden boards, bare bricks, elegant stones – if we resign from nature, we don’t have to choose wallpaper, which is not a good solution in kitchens for many reasons. Choose our glass splashback panels, which 100% reflect the quality of graphics and keep an attractive and amazing appearance for a long, long time. Just like in the kitchens that we just show you:

A new and stylish living room ? Of course!

Glass panels are perfect not only in the kitchens. But we’ve already told you about it more than once. Our clients are still surprising us with their ideas for the glass panels use.One of these projects was Angela’s living room, which after our departure never again looked the same . What do you think about it?

Tropical Atmosphere in your bathroom

Beach, water, palm trees, sun – this is the climate that we often dream about in our bathrooms.  Due to the purpose of this room – bathroom, photo wallpapers are never a  good solution, because moisture damage it really quick. With our glass panels you won’t have that problem – they are resistant to water! 🙂

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