Welcome to 2024 with Prestiglass

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! WELCOME TO 2024 ! “Enter this new year with a gratitude for this new chance to create your dreams”… New Year – New Prestiglass? Everyone’s all like “New year, new me!”, and we’re over here like: “New year, same Prestiglass!”  We’re doing our best and working hard to provide High Quality products and services […]

Before and After – Check out some our realizations

Before and After – Check out some our realizations As we have mentioned many times – glass panels can in an amazing way renew the whole interior, giving them a completely different, unique atmosphere. We have a few such beauties in our realization, whose final effect has exceeded the biggest expectations, delighting us and the […]

Glass Panels in Bathroom – our inspirations

Glass Panels in Bathroom – our inspirations In our daily work we are still looking for innovations and new solutions that will delight our customers. The changes do not include only new techniques or machines for the assembly of our panels, but also interior inspirations, which we advise to our clients to make the appearance […]

What to choose? What to pick? Don’t you have an idea… ?

What to choose on the glass panel? We suggest the most popular solutions One of the greatest advantages of glass panels is certainly the high level of their aesthetics – properly arranged room with the panels change the place unrecognizable and really pleases the eye. The effect we get sometimes amazes even ourselves 😉 Our […]