Short History of Splashbacks: How Have Kitchen Back Panels Evolved?

Coffee Beans and Cup Printed Glass Splashback. Romantic 3D backsplash kitchen
Plain Yellow Colour Glass Splashback








Splashbacks, often considered a modern design element, have a long and fascinating history.

From simple, practical solutions to true works of art, splashbacks have come a long way. 

In this brief article, we’ll explore how they evolved over the centuries.


1.       Origins: Practicality above all

The first splashbacks appeared in rural kitchens, designed to protect walls from stains caused by cooking. These were simple, easy-to-clean surfaces, typically made from affordable materials like clay or wood.

2.       Victorian Era: Art Enters the Kitchen

In the 19th century, with technological advancements and societal prosperity, splashbacks started taking more decorative forms. Ceramic tiles with rich patterns and embellishments became more popular.

3.       1920s and 30s: Modernity and Functionality

In the interwar period, splashbacks became more functional. New materials like glass and stainless steel emerged, easy to maintain and fitting for modern, minimalist kitchens.

4.       1950s and 60s: The Colorful Revolution

The 50s and 60s saw kitchens embracing vibrant colors. Splashbacks became a canvas for expressing personality, with bright, lively colors and unique patterns.

5.       Late 20th Century: Back to Nature

Towards the end of the 20th century, there was a growing appreciation for natural materials. Stone, granite, and marble splashbacks gained popularity, introducing elegance and durability to kitchens.

6.       21st Century: Experiments and Personalization

    Today, splashbacks are not only practical but also expressions of individuality. Technology enables personalized solutions, such as glass panels with printed images or mosaics made of colourful tiles.  It is also possible to back-paint the glass with any of over 1000s colours.

19th Century Ceramic Tiles
Old Style Clay Splashback
Plain Orange Colour Glass Splashback
Stone/Granite Splashback
Tropical Waterfall Printed Glass Splashback in kitchen. 3D Backsplash


Conclusion and Our Opinion: What Will the Future Hold for Splashbacks?

The history of splashbacks is a fascinating journey through 

the ages, showcasing how our needs and preferences have 

changed. From simple solutions aiming to protect walls to 

true works of art expressing our personalities. Every month, 

our team creates, designs, and installs dozens of splashbacks 

for our clients, completely transforming their kitchens.  

We personally think that customised and personalised 

splashbacks will gain even more popularity in the future.  

There already are new technologies which allow to mix printed 

design with glitter/metallic additions which give the glass even 

more shiny appearance.  What’s next? Maybe splashbacks that 

can change the colour/design whenever you want to? J





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