Before and After – Check out some our realizations

Before and After – Check out some our realizations As we have mentioned many times – glass panels can in an amazing way renew the whole interior, giving them a completely different, unique atmosphere. We have a few such beauties in our realization, whose final effect has exceeded the biggest expectations, delighting us and the […]

Glass Panels in Bathroom – our inspirations

Glass Panels in Bathroom – our inspirations In our daily work we are still looking for innovations and new solutions that will delight our customers. The changes do not include only new techniques or machines for the assembly of our panels, but also interior inspirations, which we advise to our clients to make the appearance […]

An Idea for… Glass Floor

An Idea for… Glass Floor Glass panels on the floor is the latest trend – more and more similar projects come to us, which we enjoy very much, because the effect is amazing! This type of flooring is definitely something for the brave people, with a sense of humour, imagination and with a “knot” for […]

Printed Glass Panel is NOT a sticker – how not to get fooled…

Printed Glass Panel is NOT a sticker – how not to get fooled… There are many companies on the market that offer and install glass panels. Unfortunately, not all of them are really recommendable. We have repeatedly encountered bad reviews about the quality of panels in our homes, which resulted from the bad experiences of […]

What to choose? What to pick? Don’t you have an idea… ?

What to choose on the glass panel? We suggest the most popular solutions  One of the greatest advantages of glass panels is certainly the high level of their aesthetics – properly arranged room with the panels change the place unrecognizable and really pleases the eye. The effect we get sometimes amazes even ourselves 😉 Our […]

5 Reasons, why to choose Prestiglass

5 Reasons, why to choose Prestiglass In emails you often ask what set us apart from the competition and why to choose our company. These questions appear so much that we feel that by responding to them we keep repeating ourselves and unnecessarily talking about the same thing all time along… That’s why we came […]

Sample Splashback Graphics

Kitchen Splashback Graphics If you’re interested in Image Printed Graphics we have over 120 million different pictures to choose from. Below you can see a scan of our sample graphics that can be used for Printed Glass Splashbacks 🙂 For more ideas you can pick any picture from website, which holds over 120 million pictures that […]

UV Printed Glass Splashbacks

UV Printed Glass Splashbacks UV Printing Technology is a quiet New Idea in the Glass Splashbacks industry. Rather than using plain one colour glass splashback we reccommend to look through and go for a Printed Glass Splashback. There are many advantage of the printed glass splashback, and on of these is choice of millions of […]

Scary Glass Walway

Glass Walkway – China Have you ever seen glass floor ? Maybe you have walked on one…  ? You could have been afraid of the glass breakage.. What about walking on a glass 1,430 meter in the air ? Situated on the side of Tianmen mountain in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Hunan Province, the walkway is […]

Glass – What is it made from?

What is Glass? Glass used in building is sometimes called the SLS (soda-lime-silicate) glass, and it has the following composition: silica – the raw material in the form of sand (70%) soda – the flux as carbonate and sulphate (approx. 14%) lime – stabiliser in the form of limestone (approx. 10%) various other oxides such […]