Glass in your home is not only windows – find out 3 great uses of Glass

Did you know that the first glassware dates back 3,500 years and was discovered in ancient Mesopotamia?

It is one of the oldest discoveries of our species, which has completely changed our civilization and which we have been using every day for centuries.


However, it was only at the beginning of the 20th century that methods of producing glass sheets were invented and used on a mass scale for the production of windows and doors.

The real revolution in the form of a sheet of perfectly smooth, transparent glass was developed only in 1952 thanks to the invention of the float method by Sir Alastair Pilkington.


Nowadays, glass has even wider uses and its popularity is only growing.


Unfortunately, not many people realize what a work of art glass is today.

If you pick up your smartphone, you will see a flat, inconspicuous sheet of this material.

You could say that the glass was fine.

Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

It is a true technological masterpiece because it managed to bend the laws of physics to the limits – The glass is very hard and at the same time flexible enough to not break after the first impact.


Thanks to advanced technology, the interior of your home can not only look great, but also become easy to care for.


The kitchen is the heart of the home

The wall behind the stove is one of the most sensitive places because it is exposed to steam from cooking and food stains.

What if you had beautiful, toughened glass with any design printed onto the back of the glass?

The kind of glass that you wipe with a damp cloth and it always looks like new – just like on the day of installation.

Our customers order from us an average of over a thousand kitchen splashbacks every year. It is an absolute bestseller because it changes the design of the kitchen in an inexpensive and, at the same time, very practical way.

You can choose any graphic on glass from a database of several million images/designs, or send us your own design or photograph.

We print the design directly on glass in high resolution, so the durability of this solution is expected to last for decades.  We have been operating for a long time, and we can confidently say that you would more than likely get tired of looking at your splashback, than it will damage.


White Colour Glass Splashback + Print behind the hob
White Colour Glass Splashback + Customised Print

You can do the same in the bathroom

Finishing a bathroom is one of the most expensive elements when building or renovating a house. In a relatively small space, we have very expensive fittings, tiles, heating, drains, a shower cabin or a bathtub, and so on.

If you want to change your bathroom beyond recognition, instead of doing a general renovation and spending a fortune – you can order a glass to bathroom. Either shower/bath splashback, glass shower screen or any of our large range of mirrors, made exactly to your size.


As with the kitchen, you get not only a beautiful appearance, but also the ease of keeping your bathroom clean.



And if you have a terrace, patio or balcony…

Then you are certainly one of the lucky ones.

A piece of your open space is simply priceless. Usually, however, terraces or balconies are relatively small and additionally limiting them with ordinary barriers optically deprives them of the already small space.


If you want your terrace or balcony to look more spacious, toughened glass balustrades will be a great solution.

They can be completely transparent, milky or if you have any other idea – the only limitation here is your imagination – you say it and we will do it.


Such toughened glass is extremely resistant to breakage, it does not need to be painted like a regular barrier and it will not rust.

Just like in the case of splashbacks for the kitchen or bathroom, we can safely say that you will get bored of them sooner than they will damage.






Clear Toughened Glass Balustrade along stairs and landing

Here we have just given 3 examples of how glass can be used in your home.

The glass produced today is an outstanding achievement of humanity and a work of engineering art.

We have been producing glass, cutting and installing it for years. Thanks to this, we control the entire process and take care of every detail.


If you want to change the interior of your house at a relatively low cost and make it both beautiful and practical, please contact us on: 096-76767/089-4593309


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