Glass Panels in Bathroom – our inspirations

In our daily work we are still looking for innovations and new solutions that will delight our customers. The changes do not include only new techniques or machines for the assembly of our panels, but also interior inspirations, which we advise to our clients to make the appearance of their houses to exceed their expectations 😉 Here are some recent Internet inspirations that we would like to share with you.


Today we look at: Bathroom

Change your bathroom into…spa saloon


A beautiful realization that, thanks to the combination of suitable glass panels, with dark, saturated colors and multi-point lighting assisted by candlelight, created an amazing atmosphere in the home’s bathroom. Added statue and bonsai (in the corner we would also see a large exotic palm or bamboo) only finished the work – he created the bathroom in which he wants to stay.

Not only waterfalls and water


Glass panel designs are not just objects and landscapes, but also patterns, abstracts and other essentials. In this realization we like its minimalism, incredible elegance and the fact that the pattern is not intrusive. Ideal for minimalist interiors.

Intimacy in the bathroom

A glass panel ideal for apartments, hotels and all those places where children do not have access; ) Acts are also great in flats where women rule – it gives a very subtle effect, nothing to do with pink. For us this realization was absolutely stunning, and combined with an exclusive chandelier are bathroom doors that we are really delighted with.

Glass Panel instead of doors

This type of door is all the rage in the interior – we must admit that this idea also stunned us. The owners of this apartment used a glass panel with a mussel pattern to create a beautiful and inviting door to their bathroom. Is not that a better idea than a badge (male/female) on the door ?

Floral motif in the bathroom – why not?

In the bathrooms we make, the most popular designs are all variations with water, sea, lakes and waterfalls. Floristry is more in the kitchen. In this implementation, the delicate flower images fit in like a glaze and we imagine it looks like a whole bathroom with accents in that colour. Must be fabulous!

How do you like the inspirations shown?

Do you have any yourselves?

We will be happy if you throw on here 😉

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