An Idea for… Glass Floor

Glass panels on the floor is the latest trend – more and more similar projects come to us, which we enjoy very much, because the effect is amazing! This type of flooring is definitely something for the brave people, with a sense of humour, imagination and with a “knot” for interior decoration. One thing is certain – you will notice something like that straight away;) Where to put the glass panel on the floor? What pattern to choose? Check this out!

Floor Glass Panels – most popular in bathrooms

Imagine that you are entering into the bathroom, and on the floor there is … an aquarium with a gold fish. Or worse, with a shark! Do not worry, it will not bite;) With great quality graphics and appropriate lighting, the illusion is really phenomenal and leaves an amazing impression and guaranteed laugh of guests. In the bathroom the aquarium, waves and scattered stones are the most common motifs that gives a really interesting effect. Properly matching the graphics on the wall can make us feel like we are in the middle of paradise in 5 seconds. Pleasant perspective, right? 😉

Glass floor – where else can it be used?

Glass panels give unlimited possibilities in interior design – live graphics can be used in any room.  It can be a great choice in every room, eg under a glass table, near fireplace base..or even in the middle of the room.  Full of colours floor will look amazing in our kids rooms.

Caution, slippery!

The glass floor in our homes must be made by an experienced company. Correctly made floor is not a threat to us (we won’t slide on it), and it does not crack even under high pressure. Security of such a realization is must, and we must try to choose a good contractor – if we want to enjoy this type of decoration.

Glass Panels – Antimould silicones

As it was already mentioned in the past, not all companies use the antimould silicones, but we would highly recommend them. Special silicones protect our panels against the development of fungus and mould on the edges, saving us the trouble of cleaning them and the cost of buying cleaning products. We recommend it because it is worth it!

What design to choose for our glass floor?

Everything depends on our taste and individual preferences. We know that the biggest fans of glass panels on the floor are primarily children and … gentlemen;) They are, among our customers the biggest sharks ambassadors on bathroom floors, which give them a lot of fun. Therefore, properly selected graphics on the glass panel will be ideal eg for children’s room – it is the place where the imagination plays the first violin, and the most important are colours and fun. So we recommend this solution for Little Discoverers 😉

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